~ Ascension Healing ~ - Natural Integrative Energy Healing ~ Body-Heart-Mind-Spirit ~
  Sessions & Classes

 Heart Centered ~ Intuitive ~ Integrative Energy Healing  

It is my deepest Honor to support your 
Soul's Ascension & Re-turn to Wholeness 
at this time, 

In a Session I provide:
Heart Centered Counsel, Intuitive Guidance 
the Integrative Energy Healing necessary to support your 
Life's Journey and Return to Wholeness at this time 

 Session Offerings:

*Traditional Usui Reiki 
Energy Balancing & Healing
Divine Feminine ~ Sacred Masculine
(Twin Flame) Energy support & Healing  
Multilevel Integrative Ascension Energy Healing

* Quan Yin Heart Ray of Compassion
 Energy Balancing & Healing 

Native Medicine Energy Healing 
(Combined Shamanic Reiki & Medicine Drum Healing) 

-Please allow 1 & 1/2 hrs for Initial Session -

Initial Session 

Continued care ~ support 
 varies & depends upon Individual needs 
& specific desired Goals of Wellbeing 

In each Session I provide:
Heart Centered Intuitive Guidance 
the Integrative Energy Healing most supportive for your 
Healing & Journey and at this time 

1 & 1/2 hr. Session $155

2 hr. Session $175

2 & 1/2 hr.  Session $200

* * *
Energy Healing ~  Energy Session only (w/o  Counsel time) :

45 min Session $75 

1 hr Session $111

90 min .Session $125

Package discounts on all Sessions are available

* * *

Home Visits ~ Travel to you Sessions
are possible to schedule (after initial work together) 
 There's addtnl. cost for distance & set up 

Call 817 721-0901 to schedule your apt or for further information 

Sessions are by appointment only

 Thursday - Sunday 
Between  11a - 5p

To set up an appointment call or text 
Pamela at 817 721-0901 

Once date(s) are set, your appointment
 is confirmed once pre-payments received. 

To send payment, click the following link below:

You'll receive a Confirmation once
 payments received!

To pay by phone contact 
Pamela at 817 721-0901

- Reschedule/Cancellation Policy -

Less than 24hr Reschedule 
$25 fee

Less than 24hr cancel 

No  shows are ~non refundable~

New Client Intake Forms

Complete & bring  day of visit-Thank you!

For questions or additional information 
contact PamelaAscension Healing 
 at 817 721-0901


  Remote - Distance Energy Healing 
Remote Energy Healing is similarly effective
as if you were present in Session with me.  
Distance Healing works at the same deep level,
Physically, Mentally,  Emotionally & Spiritually
supporting all Levels for Healing, Clearing & Releasing 
Distance Healing Sessions 

- 3 -  Sessions 

 - 5 - Sessions 

For question about Distance Healing
 and/or to request Distance Healing for yourself...
or a Loved one call Pamela 817 721-0901 
 Goddess Quan Yin
Bhodisattva ~ Mother of Compassion, Unconditional Love, 
Self Love & Creative Force Energy
Quan Yin Energy Healing Session
   Reconnect with Compassion, Unconditional Love & renew your 
Divine Self 

$111 Energy Session
Master Teachings of Goddess Quan Yin
3 Part Study Series
Fully Awakening Divine Power of Creation Within
(see Quan Yin class info below)

I teach & provide thorough comprehension, training & Certification for all levels of 
Traditional Usui Reiki Energy Healing
From Level I to Master-Teacher Level 
Providing Individual 1 on 1
Mentorship & Apprenticeship

Explore this powerful Ancient Art of Healing, 
Become a Channel/Vessel of Universal Life force Energy
for Healing, Empowerment & Transformation
Usui Reiki - Ist Degree
 Reiki Level I - 1st Degree Teachings, Apprenticeship, 
Attunement & Certification 
Usui Reiki - 2nd Degree
 Reiki Level II - 2nd Degree, Teachings, Apprenticeship, 
Attunement & Certification 

Usui Reiki - Advanced Level Apprentiship
 Further Advanced Level Teachings, Apprenticeship,
& Advanced Level Attunement 


After Reiki Level II - 2nd Degree, if you feel guided to
 become a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Master - Teacher 

5-6 months after you've completed Level II, 
you can continue on to Final 3rd Degree
 Master Practitioner - Teacher Certification

 Reiki Master Practitioner - Teacher Certification 

Reiki 3rd Degree Master Level Teachings, Practitioner Apprenticeship, 
Teacher Apprenticeship, Reiki Master Level Attunement & 
Reiki 3rd Degree Master - Teacher Practitioner Certification 

Call 817 721-0901 for information 
or to schedule your Reiki Class/Certification


 Share the Healing Blessings and Gifts of Reiki 

~As we heal, we Heal our World~     


Awakening & Reclaiming Goddess ~ Within ~

In this 4 part study series you will learn about the Great Mother, The Sacred Feminine Essence of Heaven and Earth, learn how to connect with your Goddess Source energy through simple Healing Rituals, aligned with different phases of the Moon, the Ancient Life Force/Source of Goddess-Universe Feminine Energies.  
Goddess/Moon energies are highly attuned & carry immense power. 3 times a month we have tremendous opportunities to tap into Goddess power for Healing & Transformation, to Energize our Bodies, our Spirit & powerfully support our Intentions to Create/Manifest & Experience Real Magic * in our lives.   

Goddess has guided me to offer this Series 1 on 1, to provide Personal, Individual, Moon Ceremony/Rituals custom to your needs at this time and Energy Work to most support/balance your Feminine & Divine Masculine energy channels as well.
As you learn about the Goddess, you learn the truth of who -you- are. When you align yourself within the Life Force of the Great Mother, 
you awaken her Healing Life Force and Feminine Power within you. 

In the Series, we Journey to your Soul's Essence and with the Grace of the Mother reclaim any/all broken parts of your Blessed Goddess self. In Ritual you learn to  Reclaim and Awaken the Feminine Face of God's Heart that you are.. and as you continue to do healing Rituals for yourself, you break all boundaries and illusions that have ever separated you from your
 Truest, Authentic ~Goddess Self~  
And as you continue to align with your Sacred Self, you no longer react, see life through limiting images, thoughts, behaviors, powerlessness or fears. 

This Series is an Initiation, Right of Passage, onto a Blessed Path ... a Path of the Sacred Feminine's Ancient Knowing (Intuition), Ancient Power (Love), Ancient Truth (Wisdom) and Ancient Mysteries (Transformation) and is a truly 
deepening, life-changing experience.
I have been a Solitary Priestess of the Goddess for 18 years & many, many lifetimes before /-> It is an Honor to share the Goddess Path Series with you.
May the Path of the Goddess bring tremendous
Beauty, Healing, Empowerment, Magic, Transformation
 & Deepest Discovery of you,  

In The Goddess Path 
we will work our studies around lunar phases of the Moon,
Waxing, Full & Waning

 The Divine Feminine energies of the Moon offers powerful healing & transformation for any woman who is ready to see herself as the powerful Goddess she truly is.

With Goddesses guidance & wisdom, I'll create/facilitate 3 individual Moon Ceremony/Healing Rituals specific to you
 & your individual needs at this time.
When we call upon the Great Mother Goddess she comes
.......& trust me, she changes - everything -
May you see the changes in you you most wish to see.  
Though she has many, many names
- Gaia, Diana, IsIs, Mother Mary, Changing Woman, Virgen de Guadalupe, Quan Yin, Yemeya, Pele, Lakshmi, Venus, Kali, Spider Grandmother & more..... 
She is the -one- Great Mother of all women, of all cultures & civilizations world over, in past, present & all eternity 
In, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Deepak Chopra writes: 
"within each of us is the seed of a god/goddess waiting to come to life and that archetype is the cosmic blueprint of our seed"
 Deepak says in discovering your archetype & bringing that to life
 "you speed up, making easier the process of revealing and fulfilling your deepest desires"
In series we'll determine which Goddess is your primary Goddess archetype and through Ceremony & Ritual we will invoke her to bless you & align you in her power, strength & attributes, a connection that remains forever.

Awakening & Reclaiming the Goddess Within

     Part 1: Remembrance - Hestory
Creating Sacred Space - Elements 101 - Ritual 101 
    Part 2The Maiden Within- New Moon's Magic - Planting Seeds, Rebirth - Beginnings
Part 3: The Mother Within - Full Moon's Magic  -
Dreams - Hearts Desires - Fulfillment  
   Part 4: The Crone Within - Waning Moon Magic - Completions - Wise Woman speaks - Healing ~ Transformation  
This is a 1 month... (meet once a week)
 commitment Study Series.  
You may begin your Magical Series anytime from: 

MarchSeptember 2019

  Allow 3 & 1/2 hrs for this Series weekly.
We will accommodate, 
work the Series around your availability/schedule


 All course teachings, classes in the 4 part series, Goddess Archetype analysis, 
Ceremonial Materials, Each Moon Phase Ritual Outlined,
3 individual Sacred Goddess Rituals/Ceremonies, 3 Custom/Moon Phase  Meditations-Music Cd's,
 1 Full Moon or Waning moon Sacred Feminine Energy Balancing-Healing Session,
  & various Altar/Ritual items  & Incense particular to your liking & Personal Goddess Archetype 

Goddess Path Series: $444
To Schedule your Series & 
 deposit of $222 is required to reserve/confirm our dates. 


 When Series begins, remaining balance is due. 

Installment pay considered. 
Call to inquire  


To make an appointment, register for a Class, 
Series, or other inquiries contact

Pamela at 817 721-0901 

Master Teachings of Goddess Quan Yin   
   Fully Awaken Power of Creation Within, 
  Become a Powerful Portal of Creation
  Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Mercy, is bestowing tremendous Ascension Support on our planet at this time
Acceleration in Manifestation & Creation
is possible & available to all beings who are wanting to know their power in Creation 
During a 3 Part Series of teachings
 & Energetic Attunements,

 You will open & fully awaken the Divine Power
 of Creation within you an opening to
5th Dimensional Energies
& Higher Frequencies of

Unconditional Love, Bliss, Enjoyment & Empowered Creation
Quan Yin States:
"Our mission is to see the power of Creative Force opened to each person in such a manor that that they are experiencing creation in each and every experience in their lives; not disruption, not harmfulness, not experiences of disruption or dramas, but support, love, manifestation, enlivenment & pure excitement
 We enliven ourselves & every person in this world when we are in this power. Amma."
Each week for 4 weeks you receive
Individual 1 on 1 Ascension Mentoring,
 Weekly Quan Yin Master Teachings (3hr approx), Quan Yin Energy Healing Sessions & Goddess Quan Yin Creation/Ascension Attunements that will:
 Most empower your Highest Good in Creation at this time
best support your Ascension process/needs at this time
- Fully Awaken the Power of Creation Within -
 A 4 week commitment Study Series

~ Heart's Sharing's ~

 " I'm now manifesting the magic and inspiration to move forward in these times and Pamela's Healing Hands, Energy and Enlightenment bring about an understanding to let go of the "fight" and accept the changes and shifts life brings. What an inspiration she has been!"  

- Marsha  S.   CEO/Business Professional  Fort Worth TX


 " The Goddess Path has shown me how to Love myself and work to eliminate the need to get referral from outside sources. I look forward to my Rituals and experience a deeper, richer connection each time... I feel the Magic that surrounds me within me, I am in tune " 

- Valerie G.  Certified Therapist/Professional  Irving TX 


" Pamela's of deep value to our Moonlady Community.... Her Healing Energy and Connection to The Sacred Feminine - Goddess is exceptional "

Amy Martin  Author and Founder of Moonlady News  Dallas  TX

If you have a true need for a Healing Session,
 Class or Series but are in unique situation,
 Sliding scale imay be considered ..  Call & inquire 

    It is my Deepest Honor Purest Intention 
to support your path of Wellness & Wholeness 

May you experience great Beauty 
as you journey forward 
Return to your God-Goddess Heart, 
where ALL Love & Miracles reside :-)

  Peace & Blessings 


Ascension Healing
(817) 721-0901

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