Ascension Healing  - Natural Inegrative Energy Healing for Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit
 Ascended Master Quan Yin
Goddess of Compassion &
Divine Creative Force
Suffering is not necessary on this planet now, We need to activate & accelerate Creative Force Energies in our bodies in such a manner that it no longer becomes necessary to create disruption or disaster for ourselves or situations with others."
-- Quan Yin 
~ Quan Yin & Accelerated Creative Force ~
Goddess Quan Yin, Bodhisattva of compassion & mercy, over the last 14 yrs has been powerfully sending & “grounding” Accelerated Creative Force energies into our planets energy grids, preparing humanity for the Great Shift we are currently experiencing & New Earth - Ascension -
Because of this acceleration there is more “light” on our planet than ever before & we each carry more "light" within us than ever before.
Much has changed in our personal lives over the years, a lot of releasing, a lot of letting go of. Many of these transitions have been difficult & hard to understand. Know that as we vibrate in a much higher frequency of energy than ever before, Spirit guides us as we gently release what is no longer in harmony for us, for our highest good.
Through the love & Grace of Mother Quan Yin, to assist us during this time of personal Ascension, Powerful Healing, Enlightenment & Alignment - with - Creation is available to us now. 
Total release of disruption, trauma & disharmony occur when one chooses to receive these energies & align with them.
Quan Yin wants to empower all beings who are ready at this time. 
Empower your New Earth journey, awaken to new consciousness levels of higher dimensions & watch exciting possibilities in Accelerated Creative Force Connections unfold all around you! 
" It is an exciting time to enjoy yourselves, accelerate enjoyment in physical body & no longer push things into disruptionary creations. It is important to accept & accelerate Creative force within you,
work –with- Creation, be -in- Creation. As you do this, new possibilities
open in your reality. as you align with these energies, acceleration & manifestation occur in your life more & more. In allowing this Empowerment for  yourself, you -gift- this powerful Creative Life Force to all humanity.-- Quan Yin
 As a Divinity Intensive Graduate of the Quan Yin Creation Center, New Mexico & Hawaii. I am a channel/physical grounding rod for Goddess Quan Yin's Accelerated Creative Force Energies. Since 2003 I have assisted in the opening & grounding of numerous Star gates, Portals & Vortexes in preparation for New Earth Ascension.
It is my deepest honor & purest intention to share Quan Yin's deeply healing & very powerful Creative Force energies with you

Quan Yin Ascension Energy Healing Sessions
 Master Teachings of Goddess Quan Yin:
Awaken Divine Power of Creative Force Within 
A 4 part Series
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