~ Ascension Healing ~ - Natural Integrative Energy Healing ~ Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit
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Spring Greetings * Happy 2018

 During this Wonderful Sweetest of all Seasons, allow Nature's Grace, Healing Light & Nurturing Love bathe you
 like a Beautiful Flower ready to Bloom

Let this Beautiful,Transformative Season support your Heart's Desires like never before! 

This is * your * Spring... Blossom!! 
& let * Magic unfold! 

*Love is who we are*
 Easy to forget as we face day to day tasks & issues in our lives & in our world but stay Conscious, Remember,  Align with Source... and as you allow the Love of Source to Flow
 to you (when you take care of, love yourself) and Flow from you
(Appreciating.. Caring for, feeling Compassion & Love for others) we become a Bridge for Heaven & Earth! & we 
 help others align with their True Love Selves as well 

In this time of Renewaland Rebirth our Earth, our planet & humanity are experiencing an Integrative process known as Ascension

Ascension is:
An Awakening of the Heart
a calling .. return to the deepest Peace, BeautyHarmonyBalance &
 Perfection of Love you are  & 
 have always been! 

Deep Self Love & True Happiness are our Soul's Priority now... for after all, that which is
  * God, Goddess, Love, Spirit
is who We are  
and that Powerful LoveSpiritAll That Is
Manifests.. & Fulfills itself through us :-> 

 Now's the time to truly Love ~Yourself
perhaps in ways no one has or ever 
knew to be or show Love before.
As we care for, prioritize ourselves, we allow Healing Light~Love to flow & when we Love ourselves, our Physical, Mental, Emotional Spiritual well being returns to 
 Harmony & Balance& Life, our Health & everything 
in between flows & reflects to you: 

*  *  *

The Love *You* truly Are

  *  *  *

 In support of your JourneyReturn to Love,
 it is my Deep Intention, Purest Joy & Honor 
to assist you at this time!   
 Ascension Healing 
supports you within the...

Deepest Heart, Healing Light, Divine Grace & 
Highest Love of Mother Father God,  Heavens Angels.. Archangels & the Blessed Compassion of the Ascended Masters for Highest Support, Energetic Healing & Clearing  your Body, Heart, Mind, Soul & Spirit 
most need at this time

 *Ascension Healing Energy Sessions
Combined with your Hearts Pure Willingness & Intentionallows the Space for gentle Release & Healing of what no longer serves you & has been energetically blocking the Proper flow of Divine Life Force within the Body, Heart, Mind Spirit.

When Life Force, Ki.. Chi, Prana... & Light as it's often referred to, flows in Natural BalanceRhythm, the Body's ability to:

* Self Heal increases

*Personal Energy Life Force expand
 *Mental Peace, Clarity, Joy, Higher Consciousness, 
Compassion and Spiritual awareness Awaken
 as you Reset... Return to the Natural State of 
Balance Harmony within

We can Heal ourselves! It's our Divine Birthright to!
Spirit/All that is is Always & Forever ready
to fulfill your Hearts Highest Intention.. 
you just ~ask~ believe & RECEIVE

Gift...  Allow yourself to receive all the 
Ascended Light & Healing Love 
you deserve! 

* * *

Ascension Healing provides:

Traditional Therapeutic Usui Reiki Energy Healing  

* Integrated Ascension Energy Healing, Guidance & Support

* Divine Twin Flame 
(Sacred Feminine~Divine Masculine
Energy Balancing & Healing 

*  Heart Centered Goddess Soul Healing, Awakening Intuitive Wise Woman Counsel


Spirit, Angelic, Ascended Master Guidance & Healing 

* * * 

 Ascension Healing  additionally offers:

* Full Moon/Seasonal Women's Healing Circles

* Deeply Healing, Fun! Transformative & Magical 
 Spring, Summer, Autumn Winter Goddess Retreats 

         * Rite of Passage Ceremonies, Seasons/Earth Cycles  Rituals, Divine Feminine - Sacred Moon Healing Rituals,
       House Blessings & more!

* * * 
* Ascension Healing 
 Classes, Study Series & Certifications available:

- Traditional Usui Reiki Energy Healing Classes -
 All Levels Apprenticeship/Certifications of  Traditional Usui Reiki (Beginner to Master -Teacher Certification Level)
-The Goddess PathStudy Series:
 Awakening & Reclaiming the Goddess Within
- Quan Yin Study Series 
Fully Awakening the Heart of Compassion
 & the Power of Feminine Creative Force

* * * 

for more info or to make an Appointment 
call or text Pamela at 817 7210901

* About Pamela * 

 For 21yrs (& lifetimes before ;-) !) I've served, assisted the Earth's Ascension Process as an Incarnated  Earth Angel, Healer - Medicine Woman & Vessel... Priestess of the Sacred Heart of the Divine Feminine assisting the Return of Peace, 
Sacred BalanceSacred FireSacred Heart, Divine Love & Creative Life Source, Compassion,  Wisdom, Balance & Power both Divine Masculine Father God - Christ & Sacred Feminine, Holy Mother Goddess on Earth. 

This Sacred  Balance & Alignment of the two...
the Twin Flame Union have been Awakening the Soul  & Heart (Higher Consciousness) of Humanity ;-) for decades... this Process of Ascension has accelerated even more since 
the Harmonic Convergence of the 70's 
& the Convergence in 1987. 

 Remembrance of who we are, the Twin Flame Energies within is  now ~  It's why are here, to Awaken Fully to the Source of Love   the Sacred Feminine & Divine Masculine we are & help Bridge,   Restore Divine Harmony, Balance, Peace,  Unity, Joy,  Compassion, Grace, Wholeness, Love & True Heaven on Earthfor our lives..our Families, ourHeartsour Earth & every living thing.

* * * 
 For the past 15 years, as a Natural Healer, Practitioner & Reiki Master -Teacher, I've served the Earth's Ascension  grounding and anchoring High Vibrational, Multidimensional Energies/Ascension Support Structures into the Crystalline Grids of the Earth, assisting the healing and  energetic clearing of numerous Energy Portals & Vortexes throughout New Mexico, Sedona, AZ, Hawaii and Chile South America, in preparation 
for the Soul Awakening/Shift occurring now   

 It is my Deepest Honor, Purest Intention & Joy 
to hold Sacred Healing Space for you at this time! 

May the Love you are Heal you, Guide you, Bless you, 
& Unfold a most Beautiful Path before you

~ Divine PeaceLove Blessings~




Wisdom Keeper-Teacher and Priestess of the Goddess Path
 & The Goddess Path Study Series

Multidimensional Ascension Energy Healer,
 Channel -Teacher
Traditional Usui Reiki Energy Healer, Practitioner,
Channel-Conduit of Ascended Master Quan Yin - 
and The Divine Feminine Creative Force   

Divinity Graduate of Ascension &
Creation/Creative Force Energies
Quan Yin Creation Center
New Mexico, Hawaii 2003 - 2006

 (817) 7210901

 Fort Worth Greater DFW 

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Distance Healing Sessions are available 
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