Ascension Healing  - Natural Inegrative Energy Healing for Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit
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Summer Blessings
 Earth's Joyful  *Fuin the Sun
Sweetnesis here!  

Let the Earth's Sacred Song 
Magical Strawberry-Rose Moon 
lift your Heart like never before!

Look at the *Stars!
Feel your Heart as big as the Sky..
 D-r-e-a-m Big& make your
  Midsummer *Wishes* Reality!

 Envision Limitless Joy,
 Abundant Blessing & Amazing Miracles 

~on their way~ to you  NOW! 

Enjoy.. Create Sweetness every way you can, 
Stay C-o-o-l! keep Love 
foremost in your Heart 

*  *  *

During this Time of Powerful Change, Expanded Light & Renewal ofLove on Earth, many are experiencing a Personal Healing Journey... An Awakening.. a Conscious Energetic, Soul Level Shift known as Ascension

Ascension is:
An Awakening of the Heart
A deep calling .. 
A reclaiming, return to the deepest Peace, Beauty,
 Harmony, Balance &
 Perfection of Love 
You are!  &  have Always 
 been :-D  !

Yes... a Deeper calling to Self Love &
 Truest Inner Happiness is The Priority now... 
cause after all, 
Truest Love *

Begins... Fulfills Completes itself 
As you...  Through you :-) !

When we Truly Love & Believe in ourselves, the way that no one ever has.. or knew to,
our Physical, Mental, Emotional
& Spiritual Well Being return to its 
Natural Divine State & Life Reflects

All the*Love*you are!

  *  *  *

 It is my Deepest HonorPurest Intention &Joy
to  Support your unique Process of Ascension at this time! 
 Ascension Healing 
supports you with-in the...

Deepest Heart, Healing Light, Divine Grace & 
Highest Love of Holy Mother Father God,  Heavens Angels..Archangels & the Blessed Love & Compassion of the Ascended Masters 
for the Highest Support, Energetic Healing & Clearing  
your Body, Heart, Mind, Soul & Spirit 
needs most at this time!

 *Ascension Healing *
Energy Sessions
Combined with your Hearts Pure Willingness & Intentionallows the Space for gentle Release & Healing of what no longer serves you & has been energetically blocking the Proper flow of Divine Life Force within the Body, Heart, Mind Spirit.

When Life Force, Ki.. Chi,  
Prana... & Light as it's often referred to, flows in 
Natural Balance & Rhythm again,  
the Body's ability to:

* Healing  itself increases!

*Personal Energy&Life Force expands!
 *Mental Peace, Clarity, Joy, Higher Consciousness, 
Compassion and Spiritual awareness Awaken
 as you Reset... Returnto the Natural State of 
Balance Harmony within

Wecan Heal ourselves! It's our Divine Birthrightto!
Spirit/All that is is Always & Foreverready to fulfill your 
Hearts Highest Intention.. 
you just need to be open/willing to

L-o-v-e yourself
Allow yourself to receive all the 
Ascended Light Love you deserve! 

* * *

Ascension Healing 

Traditional Therapeutic Usui Reiki Energy Healing  

* Integrated Ascension Energy Healing, Guidance & Support

* Divine Twin Flame 
(Sacred Feminine~Divine Masculine
Energy Balancing & Healing 

*  HeartCentered -Goddess Soul Healing, Awakening Intuitive Wise Woman Counsel


Spirit, Angelic, Ascended Master Guidance & Healing 

* * * 

 Ascension Healing additionally offers:

* Full Moon/Seasonal Women's Healing Circles

* Deeply Healing, Fun! Transformative & Magical 
 Spring, Summer, Autumn Winter Goddess Retreats 

         * Rite of Passage Ceremonies, Seasons/Earth Cycles  Rituals, Divine Feminine - Sacred Moon Healing Rituals,
       House Blessings & more!

* * * 
Ascension Healing 
Offers Classes, Study Series & Certifications on:
- Traditional Usui Reiki Energy Healing Classes -
 All Levels Apprenticeship/Certifications of  Traditional Usui Reiki (Beginner to Master -Teacher Certification Level)
-The Goddess PathStudy Series:
 Awakening & Reclaiming the Goddess Within
- Quan Yin Study Series 
Fully Awakening the Heart of Compassion
 &  Divine Feminine Creative Force

* * * 

for more info or to make an Appointment 
call or text Pamela at 817 7210901
(or see Benefits of Energy Healing  tab above)

About me, 

 For 18yrs (& lifetimes before) I have served & assisted the Earth's Ascension process as a Earth Angel, Healer, Medicine Woman, Shaman, Seerer, Wisdom Keeper & Vessel of the Divine Feminine
Assisting the Return of Peace, Sacred Balance & Harmony of the Sacred Feminine (Goddess Divine ) & Sacred Masculine 
(God/Great Spirit) on Earth. 
This Sacred Union of the Ascension (a.k.a the Twin Flame energies) are and have been Fully Awakening within the Heart& Consciousness of all Humanity! Restoring the True Harmony, Balance, Peace, Unconditional Love, Unity, Joy,  Compassion, Grace, Wholeness & The true Divine Spirit within our Hearts..Our Earth & every living thing!

* * * 
 For the past 12 years, as a Natural Energy Healer, Practitioner & Reiki Master -Teacher, I've served the Earth's Ascension Process grounding and anchoring Higher Multidimensional Energies/Ascension Support Structures into the Crystalline Grids of the Earth, assisting the opening, healing and density clearing of numerous Energy Portals & Vortexes throughout New Mexico, Sedona, AZ, Hawaii and Chile South America, in preparation for the Awakening/Shift occurring now!   

 It is my Deepest Honor, Purest Intention & Joy 
to hold Sacred Healing Space for you at this time. 

May the Love you are Guide you,
 Bless you, Heal you & Awaken the most
 Beautiful Path of Love before you!  

May you be Forever Ever Blessed!
Love& Gratitude,  



Wisdom Keeper-Teacher and Priestess of the Goddess Path
 & The Goddess Path Study Series

Multidimensional Ascension Energy Healer,
 Channel -Teacher
Traditional Usui Reiki Energy Healer, Practitioner,
Channel-Conduit of Ascended Master Quan Yin - 
and The Divine Feminine Creative Force   

Divinity Graduate of Ascension &
Creation/Creative Force Energies
Quan Yin Creation Center
New Mexico, Hawaii 2003 - 2006


 (817) 721-0901

 Fort Worth & Greater DFW Area 

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